The negotiations took place in Boston.

You're a good father, no question about it.

I had an interesting day today.

Has Joubert paid the rent?

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Tao and Rajendra stared at each other for a few moments.

Herve seemed a little disoriented.

Thanks for showing me how to do this.


We have very little time.

I plan to catch the 10:30 train.

The spotlight is on.


He thinks that gays are funny people.


The captain gave orders for a salute to be fired.

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I believe we have a serious situation.

She asked if I need a taxi.

Old was talking very loudly.


Troy is a real gentleman.


Harris is having a heart attack.

It's started again.

I'll be right back. Wow, I'm reading, knowing something about Loglan.


He amused the children with the story.

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Mubarak faces criminal charges.


Eh? Have we run out of toner? Oh well, sorry, but can you go the staff-room and get some, Katou?

Are you really willing to do that?

How long will they remain in Tokyo?

I don't have an answer at this time.

The government plans to scrap some of the older planes.


I telephoned to make sure that he was coming.


Lars disappeared.


Laughter can kill.


I'm methodical.


Limited research suggests that listening to music can benefit people who have Alzheimer's disease in various ways.

Please remove your hats.

He's just a crazy old man.

You wake up at 5 o'clock every morning.

Hold down the fort while I'm gone.

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It doesn't sound so unlikely.

If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

I don't think I would have ever said what you say I said.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Just tell me where Konstantinos is.

That might take some time.

Are you leaving for good?

You've lost everything.

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.

My uncommonly well-made sneaker lasted 5 years. Its mate did not.

No one knows what to do.

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You don't need to look for it anymore.

All the students went home.

We didn't learn a thing.


That's a lot of help.

The blood-stain cannot be removed.

The investigators sent a glass and a pair of socks to the laboratory for examination.

I think that most young people prefer to listen to rock music.

Forget what I've just told you.

You're very clever.

Panacea hesitated for a second.


We sure ate a lot of hot dogs today. I never want to see another hot dog as long as I live.

Where did you get the pattern for your new dress?

Mother is having trouble making ends meet.

I doubt that this will work.

I haven't seen you in weeks.


He speaks Japanese well.

The experiment failed because of some minor faults.

They are fairy tales for children.


Bush's English is perfect.

I regret that I didn't go there.

Professor Hudson is my father's friend.

Maybe Jane will come.

Sharada is the church's pastor.


I'm sort of glad it's you and not him telling me; I couldn't bear to see that man again.

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I'm sure your father is very proud of you.

You forced me into this.

I'm trying to throw this cold off.

She had a picture taken with an actor.

It can happen again.

Knapper promised not to tell Margaret anything.

Translating is a great pleasure for me. I wouldn't do it otherwise.

I almost called you.

Let's settle this now.

This is just an idle threat.

You may play at your pleasure.


Phill asked me some questions about Charleen.


That must be a misprint.

This is very difficult for me.

You'll be receiving the results of your test in the mail.

Mars is red because of rusty iron in the ground.

It's in a safe place.

It was dark by then.

It sounds very good.

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I like to wear clogs.


The Christmas tree was blazing with lights.

There's no mistake about that.

The people hailed the victory.

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Knowing a topic is one thing, but teaching it is a whole nother story.

I considered it a life or death matter.

She is an utter stranger to me.

Kent didn't seem to understand what you were saying.

I think Rajesh used to own a Japanese car.

Dan wanted to attempt the robbery.

It looks pretty bad.

Carlos had a bad day.

Edward lost his money, his family and his friends.

John began learning English at the age of seventy-five.

I see the man.

Audrey teaches us French.

What does Sergiu have in his hand?

I don't think you should go to Boston.

It's a shame that you're not coming.


It doesn't look like you're very happy.

I was dreaming about them.

I'm writing to Keith.

He's staying at his girlfriend's place.

Nigel never did like long goodbyes.

If a woman knows, the whole world knows.

Your first Japanese class will be tomorrow, isn't?

For several years I've been in the habit of, when I'm at home, only leaving my desk when it's time to eat.

I already knew that she had become engaged.

There are books and books on the subject.

My purse was stolen on the bus.

I wasn't given enough information.

This lack of responsibility is driving me crazy.

I like May the best of all the months.

From what I've heard, I think Eliot is going to get fired.

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Can you help me make a snowman?

A fallen tree blocked the path.

Did you understand them?


The casting of the statue was delayed.

I'll discuss it with Ami.

I'm not yet used to writing business letters.

If you are not going forward, you're going backward.

Emily has to buy a new swimsuit because the old swimsuit has become too tight.

I don't want to see him.

This is the first time I've ever decorated my house.


A gross is a dozen, dozens.


I really want this telephone.

He breathed his last breath.

The bike's mine.

It's a bit cold, but it probably isn't worth putting the heater on yet.

It's a great pity you don't know her.

I led him to expect success.

I'll be watching you.


I don't want you with me.


Where did Spy want to go?


I never did hear what happened to Brent.

She talked as she walked.

Harvey certainly had a lot of time to think about it.

How many passengers are there?

They have to live on his small income.


Why was Ronald told to do that?

How are things going with you?

It was all delicious!


He performed his duty at the expense of his time.


I'll explain everything.


She opened a new store.

It is not that Johnson's claim is groundless, but that it is misleading.

Let's skin the snake.


I wanted to talk with you.

There's an empty bedroom in the house.

Siping shaves every morning.